10 Tips to Save Money on Groceries

Author: Anita Camurbuken   Date Posted: 24 January 2020 

Did you know that the average expenditure on groceries in an Australian household is $254 per week? We can all agree that, that is a lot money. Buying groceries is unavoidable because without it, you won’t be able to survive. It may seem like the most mundane and boring task, but it ends up costing you a lot of money. So, if you don’t plan this well, you will spend much more money than you anticipated. All you need is a few tips and tricks which will help you remain healthy, help the environment as well as save your pockets from going completely empty. We’ve put together 10 tips to save money on groceries so you can keep more of your money where it should be.

Online shopping has made all our lives so much easier. The best of deals and discounts can be found online. This is why we have curated these set of tips to save money on groceries, especially if you are buying your groceries from an online platform.

Another thing to remember is that not all these tips will help everyone, but some of them, definitely will. So, whether you’re a young couple with or without kids or a student living on a budget, there is something for everyone in here. So, here’s 10 tips on how to save money on groceries!


1. Bring your own Music


This may seem like an unnecessary tip, but it’s actually very important. Hear us out! Being in the right mood keeps your mind focused. The right kind of music (Yes, we totally mean play ‘Eye of The Tiger’) will keep your energy levels up, your laziness levels low and help you make the right decisions. Many grocery stores play slow music to keep you moving slowly through the store and buying more. Next time you get on to the Mega Savers Australia website, put on something upbeat and shop away!  

Bring your own Music




ALWAYS, eat before you shop for groceries. Imagine going to a grocery store when you’re starving and being surrounded by huge shelves of scrumptious snacks that are making you dizzy with hunger. A hungry mind will make you do bizarre things. It is simple, if you are hungry every chocolate bar or even a bag of peanuts, will look like the most desirable item. You will eventually end up buying too much and spending a lot, which is why it is always better to EAT!  

eat the food




The advantage of buying grocery online is that it is much easier for you to compare prices online. This way you know that you are getting the best offers and saving as much as you can on this monthly expenditure. Another important point to remember is the number of times you buy grocery items. Just because things are more easily available online, doesn’t mean you keep on buying them whenever you feel like. Easy availability does not make it any cheaper for you in the long run!  

shop online




Prepare yourself! Buying groceries is no less than going to war. Yes, the war between the age-old question - Do you want this particular item, or do you need it? A list will allow you to stick to the plan and you won’t end up spending double the amount of money you intended to spend. Moreover, if you are shopping online, you would know exactly what all you need to select which means, you don’t spend too much time browsing through endless lists of products. So, you’re not just saving money but also saving time!  

write down




Before you decide to buy a good amount of grocery, always check your supply cabinets and every other cupboard where you store your grocery. This step is absolutely necessary. It ensures that you don’t buy items that you already own. In fact, you can create your shopping list while you check your storage cabinets. This will help you eliminate the things you don’t need. In the end, the lesser you buy, the more you save.  

storage cabinets




Keep a check on your grocery expenditure every month. This will give you a rough idea on what kind of budget you need to set for the months to come. Additionally, while shopping for grocery keep noting down the amount you are spending. Online shopping allows you to check the total amount of your cart as you add things to it. This way, you know when to stop. Another thing to remember, is delivery cost. Always check the shipping price before you begin adding items to your cart, so you can set your budget accordingly.  





Many credit/debit cards come with some sort of reward system. If you are not aware of the rewards offered by your card, call up your bank and ask them. It may not seem like the most useful thing, but sometimes these rewards can help you save money.  

credit cards




Whether it is in-store or online shopping, there always comes a point where you add something in your cart that looks quite attractive, but you know you can do without it. Items like these are the reason why people end up spending more than necessary on their groceries. Avoid buying those huge pack of chips, cookies, crackers, etc. just because you’re getting 4 packs at the price of 2. Most of these packaged goods have a high sugar and cholesterol content and cost a lot as well. So, you won’t just end up spending more but will also harm your health in the process.  





Certain grocery stores, especially online grocery stores like Mega Savers Australia have amazing discounts. You might be getting 3 products in the price of 1. Yes, we know this sounds like we are contradicting our own point from tip #4. However, if you are getting such amazing discounts on toiletries or health/beauty products that you NEED, then buy it NOW! Kitchen or cleaning supplies can be quite expensive sometimes, but if you are getting a deal where everything is half of what the actual market price is, then go for it. Such discounts can be very helpful especially when buying party supplies. At Mega Savers Australia you can get deals such as 10 large foil trays for $5. Go! Buy! Now!  

bulk in




Storing things is important and most of the times even necessary. However, if you buy grocery items in bulk just because they were on sale and never use it, they don’t serve any purpose. We understand that certain discounts are too good to be true and this is where your moral compass can fluctuate. So, don’t buy a bunch of toothpicks that will just lie in the back of your pantry, never to be used. You will just use up more space in your home and end up spending money for nothing. We know you are better than that!  

supermarket banana

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