Spring Is Upon Us!

Author: Onur Camurbuken   Date Posted: 1 September 2017 

As we farewell Winter and welcome in Spring, it's the perfect time to clean, organize and throw out any extra junk we may have accumulated over the Autumn and Winter months. For some, Spring cleaning seems to be a big, time consuming and often daunting job. But it doesn't have to be! 
Check out our following tips to make your Spring cleaning easier!

1. Get Ready! Make sure you're ready for the tasks at hand by ensuring you have all the right tools for the jobs ahead including cleaning products, cleaning equipment (mops, rags, vacuum bags, gloves), etc.

2. Gather any old, unwanted or broken items such as clothes, bed linen, books, toys, ornaments, and even furniture. Sort everything into piles for recycling, charity and the tip. You’ll feel great after this therapeutic exercise, and your home will already be looking tidier. 

3. Always dust before vacuuming the floor. This will ensure anything missed wil be collected by your vacuum. 

4. Clean your appliances. Overtime, your appliances will collect grime from hands constantly touching them. A good product to utilise is Knaus Appliance Descaler. It is suitable foir most household appliances such as kettles, fridges, irons, etc, it will also prevent future build up. For Stainless Steel appliances, utilise Knaus Stainless Stell Quick Wipe & Shine. For fast removal of finger prints and water marks from stainless steel and other polished metal surfaces. Just Spray and wipe off.

5.  Expired products. Get into the pantry and sort out the expired foods from the non expired ones. This will give you the opportunity to see what you need to top up on and get rid of anything unused. While your in there, give the shelves a wipe down also.

6. When cleaning rooms, start from the top to the bottom, literally. Start from the ceiling cleaning lighting fixtures, air con/ heating vents and work your way down the walls to the carpets.

7. Cleaning the shower has become a lot easier over time with many products on the market which do all the hard work for you! BAM! Easy Off Grime & Soap Scum really penetrates through and makes cleaning the shower extremely easy. Teamed up with Jif Bathroom cleaner, the rest of your bathroom will be sparkling in no time! 

8. Clean the cleaner! Give your dishwasher a clean with Finish Dishwasher cleaner. Simply run a cycle without any dirty dishes in the machine with the Finish Dishwasher cleaner and you will notice a world of difference!

9. Laundry. We wash our clothes often but how about our jackets? As we are moving into the warmer months we probably wont have a need for them as much, so why not wash them or have them dry cleaned and get them ready for storage?

10. Place some nice scented air fresheners or candles around your home. There is nothing more satisfying than smelling a nice aroma through your home such as a sweet Vanilla or floral scent like Frangipani or Lavender. 

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