Winter Cleaning Tips

Author: Onur Camurbuken   Date Posted: 31 March 2017 

5 Winter Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Home Cleaner & Clutter Free This Winter.

During the winter, you’re most likely to stay home because it’s cold outside. Take this time at home to do some winter cleaning to keep everything spic and span and your house warm and cosy during the entire cold season. 
You can do this by utilising these simple but effective tips on a cleaner and clutter free home!

1. Sort out your pantry
This involves looking at the expiration dates on all the items you have in your pantry. Throw away whatever has expired and keep those that are still good to use. This frees up space and at the same time lets you know what you need to replenish.

2. Go through your clothes
Organize your closet in such a way that winter clothes are easily accessible. Pack away those that are not weather-appropriate for the meantime. Pair mittens and socks so that each pair is easy to find and throw away those that have lost their partners. Mend and wash items if needed.

 Vacuum carpets frequently
You must pay special attention to your carpets this season as your family or your visitors can track in mud, water, slush and other winter debris inside. Place a welcome mat outside entrance doors to take care of a lot of this debris. Follow a regular vacuuming schedule to reduce the amount of dirt collected on your carpet. It is also a good idea to get your carpets steam cleaned every so often, which will give them a deep clean and remove any stains or spots. You can hire a machine to do this yourself, or hire a carpet cleaning professional to do it for you!

Pay attention to your floors
The same level of attention must be given to your floors. Mop them regularly to keep them clean and dry especially those in high traffic areas and at your entryways. To keep them clean longer, take your shoes off when inside the house

5. Dust away
Heating systems help circulate dust, dirt and germs so it’s advisable to dust more often. Wipe down surfaces with disinfecting solution to remove germs that cause sickness.






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