Save $$$ this Christmas

Author: Anita Camurbuken   Date Posted: 29 November 2017 

Save $$$ This Christmas

“Tis the season to be jolly”

The season of endless family gatherings, nonstop visits from relatives near and far and the never ending hosting of dinner, lunch and even the good old BBQ gatherings.

Behind the amazing gatherings is the stress of hosting a great party. Sometimes this too comes with a hefty price tag. We find ourselves running around frantically looking for things that are of good value for money whether it is awesome gifts to great food.

Convenience of buying everything from one store is a trap some of us tend to fall in, even if it means spending a couple dollars more on several items you could’ve bought cheaper elsewhere. What we fail to see sometimes is these ‘couple dollars’ add up and before you know there goes $50.00 or so  you could’ve spent on another gift or a little something for yourself.

Let our friendly team at ADOK Trading help save you money this festive season. See our comparison below with two of the top supermarkets. This comparison will enable ADOK Trading to show you how much you could potentially save off just some of the items we stock.

The products listed for the comparison are the top most frequently purchased items.


Supermarket 1

Supermarket 2

ADOK Trading

Ajax Spray n Wipe Multipurpose




Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid

(350ml) $3.95

(350ml) $3.00

(400ml) $2.50

Quantum 60 pack Lemon Sparkle Dishwashing Tablets




Cold Power 4kg Laundry Powder




Twin Pack Dove Soap




Rexona Deodorant




Bref Lime and Mint Rim Block




Palmolive Shampoo 350ml




Zig Zag Flex Toothbrush




Mortein Auto Insect Control System














The numbers speak for themselves! For a limited time only, use the code word XMAS10 at checkout to receive a further 10% off our already low prices.

This offer is valid from Monday Dec 1st to Friday Dec 15th on online purchases only. So get on it and save yourself some money this Christmas.

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